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About Us

Saving Lives Together was formed largely in response to a number of out of hospital cardiac arrests which occurred locally to us. It lead us to question the expected rates of survival. The simple truth is, delivering effective CPR without delay saves lives so we provide free sessions to educate groups on the chain of survival, early recognition, early CPR and early defibrillation, in conjunction with the practical skills to perform CPR and explore defibrillator use.


You never know if you will be the bystander who needs to deliver CPR and we want to make sure you are ready to do something remarkable and help save a life.

Who are our sessions for?

Everyone should learn to ‘start a heart’ and we tailor our sessions to meet your requirements. From primary schools to universities, corporations, pop up public events and sports clubs we have the experience to coordinate the sessions you need. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements.


What to expect from our sessions?

Learn the difference between cardiac arrest and a heart attack and about the chain of survival

Become confident in the practical skills of CPR 

Understand defibrillators and how to use them

Dispel some of the myths around CPR and defibrillators including liability which has been identified as an obstructor with both bystander CPR and defibrillator purchase and installation.


In addition to our readiness sessions we fundraise and match fund to supply publicly accessible defibrillators (PAD) we also campaign to get pre-existing PADs registered with the appropriate ambulance service so that they can be used in the event of an emergency as well as encourage owners of defibrillators to make them Publicly Accessible.

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