I am a registered nurse currently working as a Nurse Supervisor for Swan Medical Group in Petersfield, Hampshire. I qualified in 2003 and moved to Edinburgh where I worked in the acute setting including Emergency before working in East and Central Africa for a few years. I have a special interest in Public Health and firmly believe that the power to affect positive change often lies with the individuals but also with their communities. Saving Lives Together for me is about mobilising big numbers of people to make a collective improvement on health outcomes.



I am a registered nurse and I currently work as a Practice Nurse at Swan Medical Group in Petersfield.  I qualified back in 1992 and have worked in lots of settings both in acute medicine and the community, as well as having a break for bringing up 3 children! I became involved with SaLT through my friendship with the founder, Aisa, and am passionate about spreading the message of how a very simple skill could make such a difference in the chances of someone’s surviving a cardiac arrest. My main ambition is to teach every child these skills so they can pass them on to all their family too.

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I am a mum to three girls and a former midwife, I qualified in 2002 where I worked at East Surrey Hospital. I stepped back from my career to bring up our daughters on our family farm. I currently help look after a local charity for disabled children alongside the running of our farming business. I have lived in and around Petersfield nearly my whole life and feel passionate about making real differences within our community. For me Saving Lives Together is about ensuring that we reach as many people as we can to improve knowledge and confidence in CPR and using PADs, thus improving outcomes for survivors of cardiac arrest.


Hello, my name is Amanda and I’ve been a midwife for 15 years. I trained and worked in Portsmouth and then moved to London for 9 busy years. After that I spent an amazing year in New Zealand learning much about birth within new cultures before returning back to Hampshire. 


I was inspired to join SaLT after becoming aware of England’s shockingly low rates of survival (8%) following a cardiac arrest in the community. 

This wonderful team all share a passion for improving public health and we aim to increase awareness amongst the general public, starting locally, and supporting a drive nationally to shift attitudes towards performing cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and therefore saving more lives.



I am a registered nurse living in Petersfield, Hampshire  currently concentrating on raising my three children and not in practice. I qualified from St Bartholomews School of Nursing and Midwifery  in 2002 and had many years working within the vibrant and multicultural community of central London. My background lies in the field of medical oncology and after a number of years dedicated to ward based inpatient care I moved my focus to outpatients largely based on our chemotherapy day unit. Outpatient care has a more demonstrable relationship with Public Health and I feel very strongly that through empowering individuals to participate actively in their care and health promoting activity positive outcomes are better realised.


The individuals ability to effect positive changes in public health is clearly demonstrated by the statistics relating to bystander CPR and survival rates, in short if we can build communities of people who are confident enough to perform CPR our survival rates will increase, it really is that simple! Myself and the dedicated team at SaLT have been greatly encouraged by the enthusiasm shown by local communities to become involved and we hope to continue to reach further afield and build a nation of potential life savers.