Join our team

We are always looking for volunteers to join our amazing team.  No prior medical training or experience is necessary.  Please get in touch if you are interested.

How you can help/How to get involved

Currently the organisation runs solely on the help of volunteers at local level. From the SaLT
team delivering the CPR and defibrillator familiarisation sessions to printing of business
cards. The electrician who installed a Publicly Accessible Defibrillator to the decorator who
renovated one of the phone boxes. SaLT is always looking for people who can help.

Session Facilitators

We are keen to build up a bank of volunteer staff who are willing to help carry out the CPR
and defibrillator familiarisation sessions. There is an element of public speaking to it so some
confidence in this area crucial. That said, if you just want to participate but public speaking
isn't your forte, you can still get involved doing the feedback at the CPR stations. Medical
background is not crucial as the purpose of our movement is ensuring the everyman can
perform CPR. Full guidance will be given by the SaLT team.

Events Organisers

If you are an event organiser and can spare a few hours, we would love to hear from you.
We run smaller, closed sessions as well as public events but are keen to expand and do
larger, public events that maximise participants.


If public speaking to a bigger group isn't your thing, but equally you'd like to be involved in events, let us know if you're interested in stewarding. For our bigger events we need help steering groups in the right direction, crowd control, registration and people being on hand to help shift equipment around.

Community Mobilisers

Quite often participants at our sessions hilight that they need a PAD on a specific village
corner or church hall. We need your help in turning a thought into a reality. We need people
who are willing to act as advocates for their communities, sports groups etc. identify where a
PAD might need to be installed and mobilise a community to make it happen and help
recommend times and venues for Familiarisation Sessions.


We need electricians who can give up an hour or two of their time to install the PADs in the
community. Each PAD cabinet comes with full installation instructions so it's simply a matter of hooking up to power and fixing to a wall.


As our movement grows, as does the amount of our equipment. We are currently looking for
someone who has a spare garage or yard to help store our kit. We currently only need
approximately 10 cubic metres.

Space for our Sessions

We have been really fortunate in that all of our sessions of late, have been carried out in
spaces provided free of charge. From shopping precincts to village halls, rugby clubs to
schools we are keen to be able to continue working with our communities in this same way.
If you have a space you are willing to give up for a few hours, do let us know.